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MATLAB Training Courses

Datatool specializes in cost effective MATLAB training courses scheduled at your convenience and delivered at your site. You get the training without the travel.

By holding a private class, we can customize the content to focus on your own unique issues and priorities. This format provides a shared team experience with opportunity for candid discussions. I will also provide custom follow-up after the class to assure that you make effective use of the training.

These classes concentrate on using MATLAB features and capabilities that will help you work most effectively with your data.

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Fundamentals of MATLAB

This two or three day intensive training course provides an introduction to the MATLAB environment and a solid foundation for development of programming skills. The emphasis is on working with data. Topics include:

  • Working with numerical and character data.
  • Accessing an extensive set of mathematical functions.
  • Reading and writing files.
  • Using 2D and 3D graphics to present information.
  • Making presentation quality graphics.

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Programming MATLAB

This one or two day intensive training course covers intermediate techniques for progamming and using the development environment. You will apply these techniques to many exercises and determine which practices are most productive in your environment.

  • Development tools and practices.
  • Data containers.
  • Best coding practices.
  • Classes and objects.

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Effective Data Analysis Using MATLAB

This is a one day intensive training course in effective and efficient methods for modern data analysis and data visualization in the MATLAB environment. It provides solid approaches for working with data and presenting information. This course uses real data in a variety of applications.

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Advanced MATLAB

This one or two day intensive training course covers advanced features of the MATLAB environment and advanced programming skills for working with data. Topics include:

  • Best use of advanced data types.
  • Using advanced features and capability.
  • Improving software practices.
  • Dealing with challenging data.
  • Specific techniques to meet your needs.

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Richard Johnson has taught dozens of MATLAB courses for universities, companies and the federal government. He is the author of The Elements of MATLAB Style and the developer of the Data Visualization Toolbox for MATLAB. He has a B.S. in Mathematics from Purdue, a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from UCSD, and is a former professor at Oregon State University. 

Feedback on these courses

Mike Bernatovich, NASA - "Great job."
Arthur Hanzo, Lockheed Martin - "Excellent!"
Chris Sullivan, U S Navy- "Excellent intro."
David Enfield, NOAA - "I learned a lot."
Dan Fuller, Neopath - "Great, highly recommended class."
Josh Jamison, Corning - "I think the class was great."
Robert Suter, Vassar - "Excellent. Very useful."
Shanna Andrew, U S Navy - "Great class, just what I was looking for."
Mark Sun, Neopath - "It is one of the most useful classes that I have attended. Thanks!"
James Dean, NASA - "Great course!"
Chris Ritchie, U S Navy - "Excellent."
Jim Riley, Neopath - "Outstanding job!"

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Richard Johnson